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META.MORF 2010 – New.Brave.World!

1 month - 25 nations – 125 artists, musicians, writers and researchers!

Exhibitions, Conferences, Workshops, Film Screenings, Concerts.

In collaboration with Babel Art Space, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art and Trondheim Art Museum, TEKS is arranging Trondheim´s first biennial for art and technology, as well as Norway´s most extencive cultural event for art and science.

Opening at Babel on Friday 8. October at 5.30 PM
Miniconcert with Sohnified!

Full programme at


The development and use of new technologies happens at an increasingly rapid pace, and bio technology, nano technology and new communications- and computer technologies entails examples of new tools for artists, tools that can open new worlds of ideas as well as making previously not manageable ideas realizable.

New scientific insights often implies philosophical and existential problems and questions. Artistic and scientific research are continuously part of challenging and changing our perspectives. The artist as a directly and an indirectly conveyor and interpreter of new knowledge and research, plays a crucial role for society’s abilty for both having a proper insight, as well as being able to maintain an adequate discourse, regarding the use of new technologies and scientific advancements.

Meta.Morf will for a broader audience, present artists, musicians, writers and researchers with projects and performances that in different ways reflects humankind’s position and possibilities in our globalized time.

The biennial includes art exhibitions at Trondheim Art Museum, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, and Babel Art Space, as well as several conferences, workshops, film screenings and concerts through out the whole month! TEKS has for eight years in a row, since 2002, arranged an annual festival for arts and technology called Trondheim Matchmaking. The festival acted as an arena for presentations of innovative ideas, music- and art projects, a place to share and develop technological and artistic competence and resources. Meta.Morf is the festival’s successor and the new biennial will continue and further develop the traditions build during the Trondheim Matchmaking festival series.

Espen Gangvik