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Welcome to Lademoen Art Dialogues!

Lademoen Art Dialogues is an art project originating in a belief that art and artists play an important role in society. The context in which one puts art is often decisive for the role art is allowed to play and what type of questions it may touch upon. In this case the context is a follows: a proud but somewhat run-down neighborhood at an important stage of its development and a large collection of workshops for professional artists situated in this very neighborhood.

In 2013 Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) celebrates its 20th anniversary. As part of a process where we wish to show LKV’s potential for further development as well as its present status as an important art arena in Trondheim, we produce a series of three annual art projects. In 2012 the project was called “Lademoen Art Nomads” and consisted of works by ten former artists in residence at LKV. This year the Lademoen neighborhood is chosen as project theme.

Lademoen Art Diagloues aims at influencing the image of Lademoen in the general public. LKV has invited eight Nordic artists (six individual artists and one couple) to make new art in some form for the purpose of dialogue with Lademoen and its inhabitants. The artists have ben given relatively free hands in the development of their projects, and we are happy to have received a variety of contributions. This means that both the Lademoen neighborhood and the role of art will be illuminated from different angles.

We believe that art and artists to a great extent is an unused resource in society. This field suffers because of layers of myths, misunderstanding and prejudice, and it is seen a niche for the particularly interested. We wish that more people may discover how various types of art can be gateways to new and fertile ways of thinking, how art may stimulate both analysis and generosity, and how it may further development both for individuals and society at large. This is also part of the background for Lademoen Art Dialogues.

First and foremost we would like to thank the eight artists who have taken part in the project. Without their enthusiastic commitment, nothing would have happened. Also thanks to all who took part in Katya Sander’s workshops and to all who have shared Lademoen stories with Sissel M. Bergh. We would also like to thank Svein Roar Grande and Karl Johan Kopreitan for allowing us to use Rosendal. Thanks to employees and students at Unit for Adult Education. Further, we are grateful to Tobias Liljedahl for his effort as Lademoen’s Ambassador in Kristina Müntzing’s project. Also, we would like to thank the municipality of Trondheim, Norsk kulturråd, Sør-Trøndelag county and The Danish Arts Agency which has offered grants so that Lademoen again may be studied and tested out as an arena for contemporary art. Finally, we would like to thank our good colleagues at LKV who are still willing to work extra hard to make such things happen.

The project group for Lademoen Art Dialogues,
Kristina Karlsen, Margrete Abelsen and Per Formo