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Invitation to the exhibition
OPENING Saturday 22. April, 12:00

With the participation of:
Sverre Bjertnæs (Norway)
Andreas Hagenbach (Switzerland)
Farhad Kalantary (Norway)
Ann Lundström (Norway)
Kari Elise Mobeck (Norway)
Maja Nilsen (Norway)
Corina Steiner (Switzerland)
Aleksi Wildhagen (Norway)

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) would like to welcome everyone to the opening of their new exhbition space BABEL in Trondheim at Mellomveien 4.

BABEL will show mainly LKV's guest artists: every year 12 - 18 artists from all over the world come to Trondheim and work here for 1-3 months. This means Trondheim's art audience will have a direct access to international art.

BABEL's name was chosen primarely in thought of the guest artists - that languages' diversity can be joy or pain. We hope that we can contribute a little bit to the babel in Trondheim's art life.

The opening exhibition will show a mix of medias and techniques from artists which have been in Trondheim for a shorter or longer period. The two Swiss guest artists Corina Steiner and Andreas Hagenbach show different uses of photography. Ecudated in Trondheim, Maja Nilsen shows drawings and Aleksi Wildhagen paintings. Home come Sverre Bjertnes has put some paintings up and now Oslo based Farhad Kalantary projects a video. The two longtime LKV artists Ann Lundström and Kari Elise Mobeck participate with paintings and sculpture installations.


BABEL and the guest studios are funded by Trondheim kommune and Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune.
Andreas Hagenbach's work has been funded by Fachausschuss Audiovision und Multimedia beider Basel.
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