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exhibition period: July 22 - 30, 2006

Caitlin Masley
"The 24 Hour Drawing"

From saturday July 22, we present a new exhibition by Caitlin Masley from New York, USA, who is working at LKV as a guest artist in July.

Caitlin Masley works mainly with architecture both as visual material and as a model for fantasies about alternative possible worlds. She collects her material on travels around the world, searching for the appropriate cities and bulidings. She then developes the imagery via various softwares, and begins a growth process in the visual material. The results can be printed on paper or projected in large spaces, combining the produced imagery with the architecture of the presentation into a new totality.

Masley mixes different media in site specific installations - in the same way that she combines and rearranges the architectonic source material from abandoned buildings in Berlin, a housing complex in Singapore, the Chicago Marina City Buildings or the favelas in Rio. In this way she developes and explores an idea about architecture as an organic growing hybridic structure - growing to suit the needs of the landscape and its inhabitants.

For the exhibition in Babel, Masley will make a wall drawing based on the summer sun that never sets. The drawing will consist of 31 lines following the path of the sun circling the sky for 24 hours - one line for each of the 31 days of Caitlin Masley’s stay in Trondheim. The drawing will reflect the strange effects a person can feel on mind and body when the sun never sets: a loss of the sense of time and suspended place.