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exhibition period: August 12 - 20, 2006.

Inga Darguzyte

"Travelling Landscape"

Inga Darguzyte from Lithuania is guest artist at LKV in august 2006.
She is a graphic artist from Vilnius working with prints in small and large formats. Her main subject over the last years has been the nordic landscape.

Darguzyte has spent working periods in Iceland, Finland and Sweden as well as in Norway, and she uses the impressions she gets from meeting the landscape in a simplified form that seek to express the feeling of intesity and force that comes from nature.

The series “Travelling Landscape” was started during her stay in Iceland in 2005. In this series of prints Darguzyte explores the experience of being in the nordic landscape. Simple shapes drawn from the landscape are repeated in various constellations during the printing process in order to make abstract rythmical patterns. The compositions can be very simple and the light and the colours play an important role.

The backgroud for the series is the ‘need to let my eye and soul rest by being inspired by that I find the simplest, and also the purest’.