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October 11 - 22 2006:


Maciej Kurak, Hege Lønne, Angelika Markul

Curator: Michal Jachula

The exhibition is part of the NTNU Biennale 2006.

Maciej Kurak: Installation

In the exhibition Via Space the three artists Maciej Kurak, Hege Lønne and Angelika Markul show works related to space. Tension, surprise and disquiet are central issues in the exhibition. The artists work with space in different ways; metaforic, scenographic or with the space as a concrete starting point for artistic expression.

Angelika Markul shows an installation where she presents a video that tells a story about an unusual creature.

Hege Lønne shows videos and presents her latest project, NOI, New Optical Instrument.

Maciej Kurak plays with the public’s perception of the gallery space by making a form of ’architectonic fiction’.

Friday, October 13 at 12:00, VIA SPACE - ARTIST TALK at BABEL
Curator and artists talk about the exhibition and their work.
All is welcome.

Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art in cooperation with LKV/Babel.