english / norsk

period: 19. - 28. january 2007

Ed Clive

‘This air’s good to breathe’

The title for Ed Clive’s first solo exhibition in Norway is a line from a fictitious film, imagined by the artist.

The exhibition itself will consist of three new works, made at LKV in the two weeks prior to the exhibition opening.
The first is a site-specific collage, which will fill the three floor-to-ceiling windows, looking onto the street. The collage itself is made up of newspapers, layered on top of one another in the same manner that a builder or decorator would use, working in a shop window. This method is used as a temporary measure to disguise the works going on inside. However, the newspapers found in this collage have all been carefully selected and arranged so that the screen consists of only advertisements for holidays, found on the back pages and travel sections of English daily newspapers.

This window piece conceals the second part of the exhibition, inside Babel, which consists of a series of eight tables, wrapped in black plastic. These makeshift autopsy-like tables support white painted sculptures, constructed from common garbage and studio detritus.

Accompanying this work, inside, will be a sound piece, based on Orson Scott Card‘s 1986 sci-fi novel, ‘Speaker of the Dead.’ In this novel, ‘Trondheim’ is used as the fictional name for a desolate, colony planet on which the story’s hero briefly resides. For this exhibition all descriptions of the ‘world of Trondheim’ have been removed from the story to create a ten-line hymn, which is sung by a synthesized voice.