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December 19 – 30, 2007


Toby Messenger, Scotland

Mining worthwhile experience out of unstructured masses is a theme that unifies the work of Toby Messenger. From painting a corner of his studio space for his degree show, to spending lengthy periods of time in an East coast of Scotland static caravan park, Toby attempts to assimilate the banal and in-between. He understands that what he is looking at may not excite us, but what he is seeing will.

With any project, Toby begins by working from his surrounding environment, allowing the drawing process to lead. His motifs chose him, rather than him choosing them, often taking him down unpredictable paths. The work is both a reaction to new visual stimuli, and an ongoing formal investigation, where he is unscrambling ideas and influences in the process.

For his time at LKV, Toby is making drawings of his studio space and the corridors of the old school building. Pieces that were unsuccessful and discarded have been picked up unwittingly within the frame of another drawing, providing the stimulus for this period of investigation.

Toby Messenger is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art. Based in The Glasgow Independent Studios since 2001, Toby exhibits regularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow. He recently held his first solo exhibition - ´Freedom No. 5´ - exhibiting drawings from his RSW funded 3 month residency at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Scotland.


Ehryn Torrell, Canada
"Kära Ragna"

In this exhibition, Ehryn Torrell will exhibit new drawings and a video work created during her residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder. This new work explores her personal experiences with Canadian identity and Swedish emmigration, touching on ideas of loss, regret, and wonderment. In the video, Kära Ragna, Torrell documents her and her father´s recent visit to Nässjö, Sweden to meet 95 year-old Ragna, her Grandfather´s half-sister. Facilitated by Ragna´s daughter, they meet Ragna for the first time. While witnessing a conversation between Ragna and her daughter, Torrell expresses the fragile threads by which we claim our family histories and the potential for loss.

Ehryn Torrell is a Canadian visual artist. Typically working in painting and drawing, she explores the psychological impact of our built environment. In 2006, she was awarded the Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award for painting. As a result, she spent most of 2007 traveling in Europe and working out of a studio in Berlin, Germany. Ehryn Torrell has been exhibiting her work in Canada since 2001. This exhibition at Babel marks her second European exhibition, the first being held in summer 2007 in Fiskars, Finland.

To view more of her work, please visit her website: