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Tomomitsu Tada
Guest artist from Japan

My drawing and painting, whether abstract or figurative, often makes viewers feel loneliness by muted colors, brush strokes causing a sence of anxiety, and silence covering over the works. One of the key themes for me is solitude. We are born and die alone even if we turn away from loneliness in our lives. Yet the solitude for me do not mean just sorrow and despair which we are likely to associate with it, and thereby we try to avoid it. It is the universal moment that one sees then can be a beautiful world beyond the reach of imagination and can also be one filled with unbearable sadness, but one could not determine either. It is the one where incompatible elements coexist. Thus there is such a silent world that one could see any contradictions in the world. My embodies it as if I take it delicately in my hands. Therefore, the reason why my works mainly on drawing seems to be that its immediacy is suitable for picking up my world-view inside myself and representing it instantaneously.