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"In my art I create scenes or spaces that attends to create an opening or a crack to experience something that attends to link us with the natural environment itself, or to the meaning structures culture concerned has build from the experiences of the surrounding world and has found worthy of remembering and passing on.
My methods have been linked to ethnographical approach. I study old and new stories and visual representations produced on the subject, interview people and research museum collections and archives. I collect material from certain issue or an area and combine historical material with todays phenomena in order to create a story or a scene.
Major area or interest for me have been the animals that have been associated with other. Why certain animals have been viewed evil in our tradition, even we don´t have any physical contact with them, but the produced images in our mind keep influencing us.
The artwork takes form in installations combining sculptural elements, digital prints, sound and video. I work with the possibilities in the given space, in or outside."
Juhana Moisander

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