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Jeff McCreight was born in South Portland, Maine, USA. He lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

”Anywhere in the world you go, the modern age in its persuit of industrial efficiency has given us structures vast and complex: highways, railways, factories, gas stations, bulldozers. As complex as cathedrals of past eras, but directed by simplicity not ornamentation, they are not a place to stop and worship, but a place to pass through as quickly as possible. But if we pause and really look, these structures posses all the harmony and grace of any temple. And though they are built for the advancement of commerce, they become accidental monuments dotting the landscape. While sometimes they seem like testaments to the sprawl and speed and arrogance of modern man, these structures also contain harmony and balance and the persuit of greatness. And unlike the battlements of the powerful, the churches of the devout, or the palaces of the rich, the modern landscape is defined by the passage of every man and commemorates his existence. They are the shape of the road we're on.”

Jeff McCreight